Mission Kitchen Outreach Ministry


A table where every family, every person, thrives in a community of love and support.


To provide a nourishing meal served with dignity that fosters community unity and a path to hope for those facing hunger in their daily lives. To transform weekly interactions into personal connections and a sense of belonging on behalf of First Methodist Church of Vernon. 


Mission Kitchen Outreach Ministry joyfully serves as Christ’s hands. We believe:

  • After one’s body and soul are nourished, one can begin to look to the future for a change and a  path forward.
  • One hungry person is too many, and no one is turned away regardless of faith, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, or national origin. 
  • Sharing a meal is the cornerstone of community and hope.
  • Fellowship and food are fundamental to life and community. 
  • A caring community with no judgment creates the condition for change.
  • In the dignity of all people
  • Responding compassionately to spiritual, physical, and emotional needs
  • Promoting church community involvement and support.
June 7th-Pizza at the Pool!- 7pm-9pm (Orbison Aquatic Center)
June 21st-Grilled Hamburgers & Hotdogs
July 12th-Grilled Chicken Salad
July 26th-Pizza at the Pool! – 7pm-9pm (Orbison Aquatic Center)
July 27th-Mission Kitchen Concert –Justin Gambino Concert in the Sanctuary– 7pm
Aug 9th-Fiesta Stack Up
Aug 23rd-Pulled Pork Sandwiches at the Pool!-– 7pm-9pm (Orbison Aquatic Center)
Sept 6th-Chicken Spaghetti & Salad, start of regular, every Wednesday Mission Kitchen