Challengers Class

This class  is made up of both couples and singles. They meet in Room 104 with Sunny Hawkins as teacher. The class is Bible study/discussion. 


Winsome Class

Made up of senior members of First Church, the Winsome Class gathers weekly in the church parlor for in-depth Bible study. The class is actively involved in a number of programs such as USSV and Meals on Wheels. Paul Hawkins is the teacher.


Christian Parenting/Young Married Adults

Geared to young married adults and parents of children pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, this class is taught by Ruben Vargas.



Competent supervision provided for all worship services and for other church meetings and activities where the need is indicated. Room 104. 


Children’s Sunday School

Classes through the sixth grade are organized by age and grade levels.  Curriculum is carefully developed to meet the needs and abilities of each grade. Sunday School starts at 10 am